Watch WEEKEND NACHOS First Show In Six Years

Weekend Nachos played their first show back on November 18 at the Metro in Chicago, IL. According to a post on Weekend Nachos‘ social media, they’re only back for “some shows” and it’s worth noting that their Twitter bio reads: “Still basically broken up but felt like playing some shows in 2024.”

So y’know, if you can catch Weekend Nachos bringing top-tier powerviolence live anytime in the near future, do it. The show ran as follows:

  1. “Pain Over Acceptance”
  2. “Hometown Hero”
  3. “Obituary”
  4. “Necrolepsy”
  5. “Snowball Fight”
  6. “Priorities”
  7. “Unholy Victory”
  8. “Dog Torture”
  9. “Old Friends Don’t Mean Shit”
  10. “Black Earth”
  11. “Sickened No More”
  12. “Frostbitten”
  13. “Intro: End of Your Faith”
  14. “2009”
  15. “Elevated Tracks”
  16. “Shot in the Head”
  17. “Jock Powerviolence”
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