Toyota Recalls Over 1.8M Vehicles Over Potential Fire Risk

Toyota is recalling over 1.8 million vehicles due to a potential fire risk. According to CNN, the company made the announcement on Wednesday.

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Which Toyota Vehicles Are Being Recalled & Why?

According to the outlet, Toyota is recalling RAV4 SUVs. Additionally, the recall targets model years 2013-2018.

CNN reports that the recall has been prompted by “a fire risk from some replacement batteries.” According to the outlet, sometimes replacement batteries in the vehicle “aren’t the correct dimensions.” Therefore, the replacement batteries can “shake loose” and spark a fire if the car encounters a sharp turn.

“Some replacement 12-volt batteries of the size specified for the subject vehicles have smaller top dimensions than others. If a small-top battery is used for replacement and the hold-down clamp is not tightened correctly, the battery could move when the vehicle is driven with forceful turns,” Toyota reportedly explained in a statement, per CNN. “The movement could cause the positive battery terminal to contact the hold-down clamp and short circuit.”

How To Check If Your Vehicle Is Affected & When To Possibly Expect A Resolution

According to the outlet, consumers who believe their vehicle may be impacted can input their vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate information into Toyota’s recall and campaign search.

Additionally, consumers can also look up their VIN on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

CNN reports that Kia is “working on a remedy” to replace the battery hold-down clamp, battery tray, and “positive terminal cover” at no expense of owners. Furthermore, the outlet adds that the company may communicate this remedy or its resolution to consumers in December.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, Toyota has not communicated “if the problem had caused any fires, crashes, or injuries.”

Kia & Hyundai Recently Initiated A Similar Recall

As The Shade Room previously reported, Kia and Hyundai notified consumers of a recall that affected over 3 million vehicles in September. The recall was reportedly prompted by a misfunction with the anti-lock braking system in specific makes and models. This misfunction reportedly caused certain Kias and Hyundais to “leak fluid and spark an electrical fire.”

At the time of the recall, consumers were instructed to park their vehicles away from buildings as the fire spark could occur whether the car was in motion or parked.

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