THROWN INTO EXILE’s New Song “You’ve Fallen So Far” Is A Rager

Thrown Into Exile is back with another rager, this time in the form of “You’ve Fallen So Far”. The single features original Thrown Into Exile vocalist Evan Seidlitz alongside new lead guitarist Austin Monzon, both of whom absolutely crush it.

“The song explores the realities of suffering, deceit and addiction. It’s about leaving the past behind, and finding the desire inside for retribution and redemption,” said Seidlitz.

“‘You’ve Fallen So Far’ not only sets the tone for whats to come from Thrown Into Exile but also sets the standard on what to expect from us,” added guitarist Mario Rubio.

“You’ve Fallen So Far” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jeremy Krull. The video for the single was directed by Vicente Cordero. Thrown Into Exile will also hit the stage on October 18 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA with Cavalera, Exhumed, Incite, and Sangre.

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