Southwest & Northwest Terror Fest Founder DAVID RODGERS Diagnosed With Cancer, GoFundMe Launched

David Rodgers, founder of the well-loved Southwest Terror Fest and Northwest Terror Fest, has sadly been diagnosed with an incurable form of Multiple Myeloma. According to a post on a GoFundMe set up by David‘s partner Miki Rodgers, the cancer can only be treated and hopefully be sent into remission for a period of time. The Rodgers family are seeking $50,000 to help with their bills, and you can donate right here.

The following was written by Miki Rodgers on the GoFundMe: “Hello, my name is Miki Rodgers. I am setting up this GoFundMe on behalf of my partner, love of my life and father to our dogs, David. We met and became friends in 2003 and by 2004 we were dating. We moved in with each other and got our first pup, Capone, shortly afterwards. We got married in 2006. We were young, full of life and working hard together for each other. Our family moved to Washington state nine years ago and got another pup, Artoo. In that time we also started 1709 Records, a small independent record store in downtown Vancouver, WA where we love to interact with our wonderful customers and friends.

David founded the amazing Southwest Terror Fest and Northwest Terror Fest, with friends. These events were annual music festivals in Tucson and Seattle that brought together heavy music artists and fans from around the world. He also performed and recorded with his bands, Godhunter and Taarna. David also ran Battleground Records; releasing many records for bands across the country. Our involvement in and around music allowed us to meet people and create so many long lasting friendships and eternal bonds.

“This summer started out just like normal for us. We were hiking and kayaking and going to the shore so Artoo could run wild. We had just celebrated David’s 50th birthday and our 17th wedding anniversary this year and we were happy and healthy and life was good.

“In August, David started to have back issues. After severe back spasms and a sciatic nerve problem in his right leg, we took him to Urgent Care where it was discovered with an X-Ray that he had a severe compression fracture in his L4. The doctors said it was a pathological fracture, which means something in the bone or marrow caused it.

“We were sent for further testing (MRI, CT and PET Scan, blood tests and a bone marrow biopsy) and the doctors discovered cancerous lesions in his spine, sacrum, pelvis and right femur. When his L4 was fixed with kyphoplasty, they biopsied the lesion in the L4 and confirmed that David has Multiple Myeloma cancer.

“At this time, this form of cancer is incurable. The cancer can only be treated, with the goal of entering a remission state that will allow David to live longer. Without treatment, his life expectancy would be two years, at most. The end of his life would be on a dialysis machine.

“We have decided to throw everything we have at this and fight it with chemotherapy and stem cell replacement therapy. Our doctors are hopeful that these treatments will push the cancer into a dormant state. The doctors believe that this will give David nine years, or more. We remain hopeful that this allows more time for a cure or better treatments to be developed. Doctors are seeing promising successes in new and experimental treatments like CAR-T.

“We have never asked anyone for help before, but for the first time in our twenty+ year relationship; we really need help from our family and friends. We do have health insurance and savings, but we all know how fast cancer treatments will burn through your life savings. This fundraising campaign will directly help us with then out of pocket expenses and copays; along with travel to/from medical offices, surgery and treatment centers.

“Anything that you can give will help us immensely. If you are unable to financially support the fundraiser, simply sharing this page around the internet would be greatly appreciated. To everyone reading this; we love you very much and thank you for all your support, in the past, present and future.”

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