Southern Charm and Bravo are Life-Ruining “Trash,” Says Disgraced Criminal Thomas Ravenel

Even though the ominous specter of Thomas Ravenel still haunts Southern Charm, the show has moved on without him.

Perhaps he resents that. It often seems like he’s the only one who misses being on the show.

(And, these days, Shep is reminding a lot of viewers of a larval Thomas … let’s hope that it’s just a phase)

In a recent series of belligerent social media posts, the disgraced and cantankerous Bravo alum trashed the network and Southern Charm. Sir, do you need a mirror?

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot
Authorities arrested Thomas Ravenel for assault and battery in the fall of September 2018. Here is his mug shot. (Charleston County)

Now that Southern Charm Season 9 has premiered, it’s once again time for Thomas Ravenel to make headlines.

Without involving a Charleston courtroom, that is.

As he so frequently does, the disgraced former reality star took to Twitter to call out the show — and network — on which he previously appeared.

Thomas Ravenel Snapshot
Thomas Ravenel sits up straight and poses here for a promotional image on behalf of the show Southern Charm. (Bravo)

A lot of the time, Thomas uses the decaying social media platform to badmouth his ex, the mother of his children, Kathryn Dennis.

He’ll also level insults at anyone else if he feels like it, from Patricia Altschul to Leva Bonaparte. It seems that Southern Charm lives rent-free in his mind.

(He also likes to share his “political opinions,” which may be even worse than you might guess)

Thomas Ravenel at the Reunion
For years, Thomas Ravenel appeared on Southern Charm and, as in this screenshot, at the Reunions. Thankfully, that came to an end. (Bravo)

In each of these cases, Thomas is rather infamous for deleting his impulsive badmouthing. He has some nasty habits.

This time, he tweeted: “I really can’t understand why anyone would watch Bravo reality tv.”

He then asserted: “It’s absolutely trash. And, it ruins people’s lives.”

Thomas Ravenel, Pinky Ring
Southern Charm alum Thomas Ravenel shared that he was wearing this pink undershirt and pinky ring in an attempt to soften his image. We don’t think that it’s working. (Instagram)

Keep in mind that Thomas Ravenel was part of Southern Charm from the start.

He appeared on Bravo, continuously, for half a decade.

The show only cut ties with him after public accusations (plural) of sexual assault. One of which resulted in an arrest, a trial, and ultimately to him pleading guilty to third-degree assault and battery. Yes, he avoided a prison sentence.

Thomas Ravenel Pic
Southern Charm alum Thomas Ravenel faced accusations of sexual assault by two different women and a third woman came forward to accuse him of being verbally abusive and frightening. (Instagram)

Naturally, people responded to the disgraced former reality star and failed politician.

“I was [lied] about and bc of the Bravo narrative ppl believed the lies,” he claimed. He also insisted that the show cost him more than it ever paid him.

If by “cost” he’s referring to his reputation, isn’t his own behavior to blame? Because his tweets, also, cost him more than they make for him. No wonder he keeps deleting them — too late, of course.

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