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calvin klein

From a young man to a fashion icon, relive the career highs and lows in photos of Calvin Klein through the years!

Since launching the brand in the late 60s, Calvin Klein has made waves in the fashion industry and has become one of the most recognizable names in the world. But the man behind iconic denim looks and the provocative ads featuring models and celebrities that go along with them is just as recognizable.

You can catch Calvin everywhere: from the hottest clubs in NYC to the grandest art openings, but most especially, every fashion week since his brand catapulted into legacy 4 decades ago. It’s no wonder that names like Brooke Shields, Mark Wahlberg, and Michael B. Jordan have all famously posed for the brand in photos that have since become iconic themselves.

Relive career highlights of Calvin through the years and see him through his younger years in photos here.

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