OPETH To Headline Bloodstock 2024 With A Fan-Picked Setlist

Opeth has been announced as a headliner for Bloodstock 2024 and even they don’t know what they’re gonna play yet. Now that the whole joke about Opeth finally playing “Black Rose Immortal” has died, who knows what the setlist will be! Personally, I’d vote for “Dirge For November”. Opeth has played the song a whopping seven times ever and it’s way, way too good to go that underplayed.

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“So… back to Bloodstock 2024 for us, it appears,” said Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt. “I don’t remember how many times we’ve played the festival, but we do have fond memories from there. ‘Filling in’ for Heaven and Hell when RJD had passed is one. Fuck! Can’t remember a more emotional event on stage for us, to be honest. Anyhoooo, we’ll be there ‘rocking’ and ‘rolling’ in our own way, playing songs that you’ve chosen (apparently).

“Please be gentle. Right now I feel pretty far from being a rocker, as I’m writing this sat in my (favourite) greasy sweatpants, and my hair is greasier than ever. I’m working, you see… But I promise I’ll have a look in the mirror before we hit the stage. The band will be tight (that’s also a promise). I’ll sing OK (semi-promise). You’ll recognise the songs (I really have no idea, but you picked them!) and, we’ll be IN. THE. ZONE! All in all, providing the weather’s nice and the beer is cold, the possibilities for a magical night are rather decent. Wouldn’t you say? Hope to see (and hear) you there.”

Bloodstock 2024 has also added the following artists to their lineup:

  • Hatebreed
  • Enslaved
  • Nervosa
  • Crypta
  • Beast In Black
  • Forbidden

Tickets are available here.

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