Officer Accused Of Falsely Having Ex Involuntarily Committed

A Pennsylvania State Police trooper is in custody after allegedly abusing his authority to have his ex-girlfriend involuntarily committed to a hospital.

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Troubling Footage Shows The State Trooper Taking His Ex Into Custody To Be Committed

According to Penn Live, court documents indicate that Ronald K. Davis, 37, asked troopers at a neighboring department to involuntarily commit his ex-girlfriend on account of alleged mental health issues. While doing so, he’s also noted as identifying himself as a fellow state trooper.

Once the request was approved, Davis — who was off-duty — is accused of telling the officers, “I’ll take care of it myself.” We should add that although Davis is noted as having an “intimate relationship with the victim,” the Dauphine County District Attorney’s Office reports that he “is married with a family in Dauphin County.”

That very same day, he reportedly “immediately confronted” his ex-girlfriend. Cell phone footage recorded by a bystander shows the altercation.

In the affidavit, authorities acknowledged that the woman “appear[ed] to genuinely lack understanding on why she [was] being restrained.”

After the struggle was over, the woman was evaluated at Lehigh Valley Hospital, where the Dauphine County D.A. says she was “involuntarily committed for five days.”

Upon her release, the woman told authorities that Davis had tried to make her appear “crazy” throughout their 4-month relationship, which ended in mid-August.

Reportedly, Davis is also accused of telling his ex-girlfriend, “I know you’re not crazy, [but] I’ll paint you as crazy. I know the law.”

Ronald K. Davis Was Hit With A Plethora Of Charges

Ultimately, an investigation into the matter was opened. It was eventually determined that Davis had abused his authority to have his ex committed.

“It is improper for an off-duty trooper in plain clothes to seize an official [involuntary mental health commitment] document without authorization.”

Additionally, Davis is accused of following through with his plan “after being told by a state police supervisor that on-duty members would handle the situation and that his assistance was not needed.”

As such, he was arrested on Sept. 21 — exactly one month after he had his ex-girlfriend committed. Authorities charged Davis with false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, simple assault, strangulation, reckless endangerment, and official oppression.

Davis was also denied bail, and his preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 2.

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