NAILS Is Coming Back With A New Record In 2024

Nails was arguable one of the biggest names in grindcore and hardcore throughout the 2010s. Nails released three albums between 2010 and 2016, their final effort being You Will Never Be One Of Us. There was the two-song single “I Don’t Want to Know You” in 2019, but Nails remains largely quiet ever since their final full-length.

Now outta nowhere, Nails has broken their silence to state that there’s a new album coming in 2024. The new album will be Nails‘ first on Nuclear Blast, and was recorded by legendary overlord of distortion Kurt Ballou (High On Fire, Gatecreeper, Trap Them, etc.).

“New Nails LP coming Summer 2024 via Nuclear Blast Records engineered by Kurt Ballou,” wrote Nails. “Thanks for sticking with us. Info forthcoming. Love you all.”

No word on who’s actually in Nails these days outside guitarist and vocalist Todd Jones, but I guess that’ll be part of the whole “Info forthcoming” bit. So stay tuned because 2024 is about to get way, way more violent.

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