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Lindsay Hubbard
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Lindsay Hubbard called her split from ex-fiancé Carl Radke “humiliating” in a new interview two months after their shocking breakup. Lindsay, 37, spoke to US Weekly in an interview published November 1 and revealed how Carl, 38, allegedly orchestrated their sit-down breakup in front of the Summer House cameras at the end of August.

“It was absolutely humiliating,” she said. “It would’ve been one thing if this conversation happened over the summer during the normal filming schedule. But for [Carl] to call up producers and then set up cameras and manipulate me into sitting down [so he could break up with me] after we’d already wrapped is scary. The whole world found out within 30 minutes of me.”

Lindsay reiterated that she was shocked by Carl calling off their wedding one year after he proposed to his Bravo co-star in the Hamptons. The former couple was supposed to tie the knot in Mexico in November.

“No one saw it coming, not one person,” Lindsay shared in the interview. “There were no red flags. Two weeks before he called it off, I was at my bridal shower and he showed up. One week before, I was at my dress fitting and he was fitting for his suits with all of his groomsmen. It had nothing to do with wedding planning. There was no cheating.”

Lindsay Hubbard
Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard broke up in August (Photo: NBC)

While Carl’s sobriety journey has been difficult for him on the show, Lindsay claimed that had nothing to do with their breakup. She also disagreed with some of her co-stars’ claims that the exes moved too fast in their relationship. “When you create a friendship that we had over eight years, you know this person; you know their quirks, flaws and boundaries,” she said. “You bypass that getting-to-know-you phase.”

However, Lindsay did admit that the breakup was even harder because her and Carl have known each other for so long. “That’s the hardest part of it all. And even now, if I have feelings that pop up in my mind or heart, it’s more that I lost my best friend than my fiancé,” she said. The reality star also revealed she sold her engagement ring to the jeweler and said, “I need to make up for all the lost money on the wedding.”

As for how she’s doing now, Lindsay — who recently avoided seeing her ex at the Winter House season 3 premiere in NYC — told US Weekly she’s been leaning on her girl friends, including Danielle Olivera, for support. “I process [things] by talking about my emotions, and my friends allowed me that space. I was able to regain my strength and [the] confidence of like, ‘OK, I can do this,’ ” she said. “The way that Carl handled everything was such an absolute betrayal of my trust, and when that happens, it makes it easier to pick yourself up and put yourself out there again.”

Lindsay and Carl met on the first season of Summer House in the summer of 2016, but they were friends for years before they started dating in 2021. They got engaged in the summer of 2022 and fully booked their wedding before Carl revealed the nuptials were canceled. Lindsay spoke out about the split for the first time on September 14 and admitted she was “heartbroken” by Carl’s decision. “My trust has been betrayed,” Lindsay added in her statement, “and coming to terms with that has been difficult for me.” Lindsay also thanked her family, friends, castmates, and fans for their support during the difficult time.

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