KING DIAMOND Releases “Masquerade of Madness” Music Video & Limited 12″ Single

King Diamond is now streaming a brand new music video for his 2019 standalone single “Masquerade of Madness”. The video comes just in time for Halloween, and was directed by David Brodsky and Allison Woest of MyGoodEye Visuals.

No word on a new King Diamond record just yet (they’re working on it), but “Masquerade of Madness” is at least now available on 12″ vinyl with “Welcome Home (Live at Graspop)” and “Arrival (Live at Graspop)” as the B-sides. Get the vinyl here.

“‘Masquerade of Madness’ was released digitally in 2019 before our North American tour,” said Diamond. “During rehearsals, we took one full day to film ‘Masquerade of Madness’ with David Brodsky and Allison Woest. We spent all day and all night recording while performing the song with our full tour stage show choreography. After the tour, covid happened.

“The video was all but forgotten as the world came to a standstill – we never saw a single frame from all the footage. Years later, as things began to pick up and writing began for both new Mercyful Fate and King Diamond records, we wondered, what happened to that video from four years ago? So we decided to check in with David Brodsky and a couple of weeks later, we had the first cut of the video.

“I was speechless! I had nothing to criticize and after just a few notes from Andy LaRocque, the video for ‘Masquerade of Madness’ was finished! There’s so much mood and black and white is used in a perfect way with Jodi‘s performances. The visuals fit the music flawlessly and this is now among my favorite King Diamond videos along with ‘Sleepless Nights’ and ‘Welcome Home’ – and not to forget of course, our double live DVD.

:This new video and the release of ‘Masquerade of Madness’ on 12″ vinyl is our Halloween gift to the fans. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Happy Halloween, it’s not just a dream!”

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