Kim Zolciak: Kroy Biermann Can’t Divorce Me! He’s Still Tapping This A$$!

We have yet another twist/turn in the ongoing saga of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann.

As you may recall, Zolciak filed to divorce Biermann in May after 11 years of marriage.

According to multiple outlets, there were no accusations of infidelity that led to this decision… but Zolciak did then claim that her spouse smoked too much pot and placed the couple’s children in danger as a result.

A short time later, Biermann alleged that Zolciak has a serious gambling problem.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have gone through many ups and downs. Their marriage appears to be over. (Bravo)

The estranged reality star owe the IRS over $1 million in unpaid taxes and have been struggling financially.

Two months after lobbing these allegations at each other, though, the couple decided to try again… until it didn’t.

In late August, Biermann went ahead and filed for divorce again.

Now, meanwhile, Zolciak has submitted legal documents in which she says that her husband basically CAN’T do this — and she cites a rather hilarious reason for this objection.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are at a Kentucky Derby hat contest on May 6, 2017 in Yonkers, New York in this photo. (Getty)

On September 25, Zolciak filed a new motion to dismiss Kroy’s second petition for divorce because she says the two are still sleeping together.

“Contrary to the claims made in the Petition for Divorce, the parties have engaged in marital sexual relations on multiple occasions since the filing of the Petition for Divorce,” the Bravo star writes. “And most recently on or about September 7, 2023.”

Is this actually a legal argument?

That a marriage can’t be officially dissolved because the parties involved keep taking trips to Pound Town?

Kim and Kroy are seen here during much better and happier times. (Instagram)

Zolciak actually cites two previous Georgia court cases — one from 1978 and one from 1980 — in her petition, arguing:

“The allegation of an irretrievably broken marriage is demonstrably false if the parties have resumed cohabitation or have reconciled for any period.

“The very fact of cohabitation or reconciliation shows that some possibility remains that the marriage is viable…the parties are required to once again affirm that the marriage is indeed irretrievably broken by the bringing of a new complaint.”

In response to Zolciak’s unusual filing, Biermann has simply stated that he has “no desire to reconcile” with his estranged wife, according to his own court documents obtained by Us Weekly and other publications.

Seems impossible to believe now, but Kroy and Kim were once a very happy couple. (Instagram)

“The fact that he engaged in sexual relations with [Zolciak] does not indicate a desire to reconcile,” Biermann’s court documents continued.

“[Biermann], after this second filing, remains steadfast in his desire to leave [Zolciak], leave the marital residence, with the children, and provide a home for them that is calm and stable; the opposite of their current environment.”

The stars share 9-year-old twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren, along with sons Kash Kade, 10, and Kroy Jagger, 11.

Kroy also legally adopted Zolciak-Biermann’s older daughters Ariana Biermann, 21, and Brielle Biermann, 26, in 2013.

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann had a decent run as a couple. Alas, their marriage may be over. (Instagram)

Based on other documents, the home Zolciak and Biermann have been sharing together will go into foreclosure this November.

Zolciak, apparently, would prefer to file for bankruptcy amid her monetary woes, which would enable her, Kroy and their kids to keep living together for at least some period of time.

Selling the home would be a permanent solution, however, providing the pair with the money they need to full pay off their aforementioned debt.

Earlier this month, Zolciak hinted that her and Biermman’s relationship was back on track following just si much drama.

“I’m living here not going anywhere!” Kim wrote on Instagram over a video of her closet on September 8. “Been working on our marriage and have been living as husband and wife. The lies daily are too much.”

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