Jinger Duggar Flees Town, Rocks Risqué Outfit on Jeremy Vuolo’s Birthday!

Jinger Duggar has a reputation for rebellious behavior, but by most standards, she’s lived a pretty tame life.

Sure, Jinger married a guy her dad doesn’t approve of, and she moved to Los Angeles despite the fact that her parents think it’s a haven for sin and depravity.

And Jinger published a memoir in which she confirmed that her upbringing was strict and sheltered to the point of being cult-like.

But she also defended her parents in the book, and she followed in their footsteps by marrying young, having kids young, and adhering to most of her folks’ strict evangelical beliefs.

Jinger Duggar smiles very broadly in this sweet photo of the former reality star. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

But while she still clings to most of the tenets of her parents’ religion, Jinger currently enjoys far more freedom than she knew growing up.

And she took full advantage of her independence while celebrating husband Jeremy Vuolo’s birthday this week.

“Happy birthday, jj!!” Jinger wrote in an Instagram tribute to her spouse.

Jinger Duggar shared this snap featuring husband Jeremy Vuolo on August 2, 2023. Some fans declared that they hardly recognized him. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I love you forever! Thanks for being the best daddy to our little girls, my rock, and the most fun human being on the planet,” she continued.

“You keep us looking to Jesus and laughing every single day.”

While they’re generally just as dedicated to family life as Jinger’s parents, the Vuolos shocked some fans by taking off for a child-free trip to Santa Barbara for Jeremy’s big day.

Jinger, Jeremy in LA
Jinger Duggar has gone through an awful lot in recent months. But she recently assured her Instagram followers that all is well. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Fans were loving Jinger and Jeremy’s stylish late summer/early fall Santa Barbara style.

“You guys are absolutely beautiful inside & out,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Beautiful picture. Y’all are awesome,” another wrote.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in Santa Barbara in September in 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“My favorite couple,” a third chimed.

“You are GOOD for her and she is GOOD for you!” a fourth remarked.

But for all the positive feedback on Jinger and Jeremy’s vacation pics, a different photo of Jinger is currently creating an even bigger stir.

Jinger Duggar shows off her athletic gear in September of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As you can see, Jinger is dressed for the gym here, which is no big deal on its own.

But Jinger grew up in a family in which women and girls weren’t even allowed to wear pants, much less shorts.

Until she married Jeremy, Jinger was forced to wear long, loose skirts at all times, even while playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Jinger Duggar is basically raising a middle finger to her dad by wearing these pants. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Once a Duggar woman gets married, it’s her husband, not her father who gets to decide what she’s allowed to wear.

Obviously, it’s not the most progressive system.

But at least by choosing her mate wisely, Jinger finally gets to enjoy a modicum of freedom.

It’s better than nothing — and we take some consolation in knowing that Jinger’s newfound liberty bothers the hell out of her tyrannical father!

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