Drake’s Father Dennis Graham Says “For All The Dogs” Is Some Of His Best Music

Drake’s For All The Dogs is coming very soon, and we’ve gotten a lot of figures close to him recently sing the album’s praises. Of course, we’d never expect them not to because nobody wants to ruin the hype behind such an anticipated release. What’s more is that, from what we’ve heard and from what people are saying, this is going to be a fantastic effort from the Toronto superstar. For example, Drake’s father Dennis Graham recently took to Instagram to share his brief but promising thoughts on the new project. Even though he’s closer to him than any fan will ever be, he spoke from the perspective of a die-hard of his music regardless of relation.

“I had the pleasure of sitting in my Son’s dressing room and listening to this new album,” Dennis Graham wrote. “I must say that it is some of the best music that I’ve heard him do, and I am sure that every Drake fan throughout the entire world is going to feel this one. Everything about For All The Dogs is what we’ve been waiting for. Congratulations Son I really feel this one, September 22, 2023.”

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Drake’s Dad Hypes Up For All The Dogs

What’s more is that Drake himself responded to his father’s commendation online. “Thanks dad [sunglass face emoji] I was so happy you loved it,” The Boy wrote under Dennis Graham’s post. Thanks to some recent expression from Lil Yachty, we have another idea of how good this new era will be. “It has the most, I would say like the most ‘performance’ album he’ll have, as far as like energy,” he remarked on his podcast.

“I think some of the best Drake verses that I ever heard are on this album,” Yachty continued. “Some of the verses I’m just like, ‘Bruh, what’s wrong with you?’ You know what I’m saying? People gonna have a lot to say about some of his topics on this album. And I don’t think he does it on purpose, I think it’s just him- he just has a real… I will say he deals with some controversial things.” On that note, stick around on HNHH for more news and the latest updates on Drake.

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