Drake Calls Out Joe Budden In Long Rant, Says He Failed At Music; Budden Responds

Drake’s For All The Dogs dropped so naturally, everyone has an opinion. Joe Budden and his crew talked about the new LP on the latest edition of their podcast and Budden didn’t have some of the nicest things to say. Akademiks posted a clip of him talking about being surprised at Drake’s age on the album, saying he’s rapping for the children. “I had to look up how old this n***a was”.

Drake responded in a comment on the post a little while ago and he went in on Budden. He said that he failed at music and that he retired because music wasn’t working out for him. “You retired and we never hung up your jersey we don’t even remember your number.” It’s a scathing response that definitely severs ties, for now anyway. Budden responded saying that Drake will grow up sooner or later and that time is undefeated. You can check out the post and his comment below.

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