‘Counter-Strike 2’ Debuts, Ending Decade-Long Wait For Upgraded Version – Deadline

Millions of gamers around the world rejoiced today, as Valve’s long-awaited Counter-Strike 2 officially debuted.

The game, officially announced in March, has replaced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a free upgrade. Powered by the Source 2 game engine, the new version offers sharper textures, more believable lighting, and new geometry.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was one of the most popular PC games for the last decade, and became a staple of competitions, helping fuel the growth of esports. CS:GO bowed in 2012 and became free to play in late 2018. The oiginal retail version of the game was released in 2000.

Counter-Strike is a multiplayer first-person shooter that has teams of terrorists battling counter-terrorists to secure objectives, including defusing bombs, guarding hostages, or securing a location. Players receive rewards based on their performance, which can be spent on upgraded weapons in subsequent rounds.

The version that debuted today offers three maps for players to traverse.

Players from CS:GO wll be automatically updated to the newest version, with progress assets and cosmetics transferred.

Jace Haring contributed to this report.

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