Carlee Russell Ex-BF ‘Traumatized’ By Her Fake Kidnapping

Nearly two months after his ex-girlfriend Carlee Russell faked her kidnapping, Thomar Simmons says he’s still trying to “get back” to his “normal life.”

“It’s never going to be normal for me. I can’t even go around Birmingham without people knowing who I am. It’s crazy bro,” Thomar said in a Sept. interview.

Their five-year relationship ended after Russell sent Alabama’s Hoover community and law enforcement into a search frenzy on July 13. Simmons became a public figure as media outlets nationwide picked up the now-debunked kidnapping that started with a 911 call from Carlee Russell about a semi-nude toddler on a highway.

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Carlee Russell Ex-BF Denies He’s The Reason She Faked Her Kidnapping

In a nearly 25-minute video interview, Thomar clarified misconceptions the public might have about his involvement in Russell’s hoax disappearance. He shut down rumors that he inspired Carlee’s kidnapping plan by cheating with a dancer.

“It was no stripper. Y’all are hearing it, my mouth coming out saying this. I was involved in no relations with no stripper,” Simmons said, debunking viral text messages from a three-year-old situation. “It made me mad because peopel talking down on mt chaaratcer. People saying I’m a cheater, I’m a player. Man, I was in a relationship for five years.”

He also primarily denied seeking “clout” from the incident, either before or after.

“Why would I be posting her? That night…10 to 8, we started the search party, and I was still out there looking for her. Went to the search party, had no sleep, ain’t take no shower. I was in the heat looking for my girl bro. Why would I do this for clout? Why would I do all that and do this for clout? I don’t undertsand what people be talking ’bout, people are crazy. People don’t think about me and how I’m feeling about the situation though, like, that really traumatized me.”

Thomar Simmons Says He’s NOT Looking For Love Despite Booking Claims

However, the Alabama resident admits to collecting a few “bookings” since his ex Carlee confirmed on July 25 that her kidnapping was fake. His most viral one was a “Search & Rescue” themed event in an Atlanta club in early August. Though the initial flyer promotion suggested he was “looking for love,” Thomar assured viewers that is NOT his current goal.

“No, bro I’m not looking for love…Everybody think that because of the post, but I’m letting y’all know right now, I’m not looking for love. I’m still healing, still coping. It’s better but it be days I be sitting in my room like why bro? I just don’t know.”

Carlee Russell Ex-BF 'Traumatized' By Her Faked Kidnapping
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – AUGUST 3: Thomar Latrell Simmons (C) makes an appearance at Revel during R&B Rewind Thursdays at Revel on August 3, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)


And Thomar says he’s also NOT invested in discovering Carlee’s “why.” Meanwhile, law enforcement officials are pushing for answers — at least from the justice system — for Carlee’s staged disappearance. Local police booked Russell into Hoover City Jail on July 28 on two misdemeanor charges.

Though she posted a $2,000 bond the same day, the 26-year-old is charged with “false reporting to law enforcement authorities” and “falsely reporting an incident.” Media reports, including AL, have speculated Carlee Russell could face up to a year in jail per charge and a $6,000 fine.

At the time — and like Thomar now — Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said, “Only Carlee knows” why she falsified her kidnapping.

Thomar Says He And Carlee Russell Did Not Have Any Major Issues Leading Up To Her Staged Kidnapping

The interview host highlighted a family trip Thomar and Russell took to New York about 1-2 weeks before the incident.

“We was good, we was having fun. We was taking tours to the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, ferry. We ate. It was good bruh.”

When they returned to Alabama, Thomar admitted they had “a lil argument” but said it was “nothing to kidnap yourself over.” 

“That’s why I’m confused. Like, what happened? What made you do that? I don’t understand,” Simmons said.

Thomar added that they’ve had “no contact at all” with each other. He says he doesn’t think they ever will again because Carlee Russell “had time” to tell him the truth.

He detailed finding out about the police’s press conference confirming the hoax while he was at work. Thomar says he was “spazzing” and felt “mad” and “sad.” Simmons said he believed Carlee Russell’s version before seeing the presser. You’ll recall he released a statement asking the public not to cyberbully Russell in July.

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As for what’s next, Thomar Simmons plans to take advantage of his name being in the spotlight, but again, he said he’s not seeking clout. Simmons declared the video interview would be the last time he would speak about the situation.

“To be real, I’m trying to promote myself out the situation. I’m not doing it for clout, I just have a situation like I have the opportunity to make something of myself. So, I’m going to take the opportunity and run with it.”

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