AUTOPSY Channels Blood, Guts and Love Of All Things Horror On New Album & Cinematic Music Video

Flag bearers of classic, gore-filled death metal, Autopsy have roared back into the metal consciousness with their second album in as many years Ashes, Organs, Bloods and Crypts.

“Oh, it’s a great place to be,” longtime vocalist and drummer Chris Reifert shared of the grimy-Autopsy mindset in a sit-down with Metal Injection. “I mean, that’s why we love to do it, you know? Headspace is 100% required. You can’t watch Andy Griffith on TV and then immediately sit down and write a brutal death metal song.”

Just in time for Halloween, the band released their cinematic and grotesque music video for “Rabid Funeral”, which was brought to bloody life by the fine folks at Rapid Dog Films.

“It’s the exact thing that we would have rented way back when we were first starting the band and just watch it over and over and over again and return it to the rental store with a few spots stretched out because we watched our favorite gore scenes over. Rewind it and watch it over and over and over again. That was something we used to do all the time. So it is exactly what we would have been stoked about back then.”

And while the group’s output has increased in recent years, and there is an expectation of select special live performances – including Hell’s Heroes 2024 – don’t expect the band to break their ever-long streak and return to the road proper.

“We get that question all the time, are we going to go on tour? If you define tour as being in a bus on the road for weeks and months, absolutely fucking not, no, we’re not going to do that. We’ve done that. We’re definitely not going to do that again. It’s not our thing.

“But showing up here and they’re like, Here we are in fucking Czech Republic or Germany or Atlanta, Georgia, or, you know, that’s the kind of stuff we do. So if you call that touring. Yeah, sure. But like rolling down the highway for weeks now, definitely not. But we’ll be out there, just not everywhere.”

Autopsy‘s Ashes, Organs, Bloods and Crypts is available now through Peaceville Records. Get it here. You can also read our review of the new Autopsy record here.

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