200 STAB WOUNDS & YES Added To Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 has just announced 200 Stab Wounds‘ “Masters Of Morbidity” and Yes‘ “Roundabout” as two new downloadable songs, making this the first and only sentence ever to mention those two artists back to back. Both songs will be a part of the game’s Season 33 Pass.

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We’d like to take a moment to congratulate 200 Stab Wounds on gaining some newfound fans through Rock Band 4, or at least turning a few heads with their name. And shout out to Harmonix, who actually took the time to break the song down in a lengthy post on their website. It’s pretty cool that this wasn’t just thrown out there for fans, but actually analyzed and explained to people who haven’t heard it before.

So what’s up with 200 Stab Wounds‘ name, anyway? According to frontman Steve Buhl in a recent interview with Heavy New York, it was just a fun phrase to say. “It just rolls off the tongue,” said Buhl. “It just sounds hard. 100 doesn’t sound right, 300 doesn’t sound right. So 200.”

He continued: “People have said online that we used to be called 117 Stab Wounds and all, [but] that’s not true. We’ve always been 200 Stab Wounds. There’s no real significance to that number. It’s just something that sounds good. [Guitarist Lance Buckley] came up with the name, and when we put this band together… I remember him telling me [the name 200 Stab Wounds] years ago and I was like ‘we should use that because it’s perfect’ and here we are.”

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