10 Famous Singers from Delaware

Delaware, the “First State” of the United States, has a musical heritage as rich and diverse as its history. While it may be one of the smallest states in the country, it has made significant contributions to the world of music through its talented singers.

Delaware singers draw from the state’s unique blend of rural and urban influences. The state’s folk and bluegrass traditions, rooted in its agricultural heritage, have given rise to singers who infuse their music with a deep sense of storytelling and connection to the land. At the same time, the proximity of Delaware to major East Coast cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore has allowed for exposure to a wide range of musical styles, from R&B and soul to hip-hop and rock.

These singers often incorporate themes of community, resilience, and the changing seasons into their music, reflecting the spirit of Delaware. Many have gone on to achieve recognition on a national and even international scale, using their voices to share their experiences and perspectives with the world.

Delaware’s music scene may not be as widely known as those in larger states, but its singers continue to make their mark, contributing their unique voices to the rich tapestry of American music.

1. George Thorogood

George Thorogood, a legendary singer from Delaware, has made a huge impression on the music industry. He’s renowned for his unique mix of blues and rock.

Check out these facts about George Thorogood:

Name Birthdate Hometown
George Thorogood February 24, 1950 Wilmington

You may not know that he started playing guitar at age 12. His passion for music opened the door to his success.

Want to explore more of George Thorogood’s music? Here are some tips:

  1. Listen to his classic “Bad to the Bone” to hear his amazing guitar skills.
  2. Watch his live performances to experience the electrifying energy he brings to the stage.

Follow these suggestions to appreciate George Thorogood’s contributions to music history. His unique style and immense talent still inspire musicians and fans.

2. Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu – the renowned singer from Delaware – has made her mark in the music industry. Her captivating voice resonates with listeners worldwide, earning her a spot as one of the most famous singers from Delaware.

Let’s take a look at her journey:

  1. In 1997, she released her debut album “Baduizm” which went triple platinum.
  2. In 2000, she collaborated with Common on the hit single “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)“.
  3. In 2004, she released the critically acclaimed album “Worldwide Underground“.
  4. In 2008, she collaborated with The Roots on the Grammy-winning song “You Got Me“.

In addition to her musical prowess, Erykah Badu is also known for her unique fashion sense and contribution to neo-soul music. She continues to inspire artists and fans alike with her artistic vision.

Fun Fact: Erykah Badu was heavily influenced by jazz legends such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, which can be heard in her distinctive vocal style.

3. Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza, the talented actress and comedian from Delaware, has gained fame in the entertainment industry. With her unique style and hilarious performances, she has won over many fans.

She first gained recognition for her role as April Ludgate on the hit TV show “Parks and Recreation”. Her deadpan delivery and sarcasm made her iconic.

Let’s check out some facts about Aubrey Plaza:

Birth Name Aubrey Christina Plaza
Date of Birth June 26, 1984
Place of Birth Wilmington, Delaware
Notable Works “Parks and Recreation”, “Safety Not Guaranteed”, “Ingrid Goes West”

Aside from acting, Plaza is also into music. She has collaborated with various musicians and released her own songs.

Interestingly, Plaza initially pursued comedy before shifting to acting. Her comedic background adds an extra layer to her performances, showcasing her versatility.

Her talent and hard work have taken her to success in both television and film. She continues to impress viewers with her funny performances.

According to IMDb, Plaza won the BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Special/Direct-to-DVD.


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  • Move over The Graduate! Ryan Phillippe, a singer from Delaware, may not have a legendary voice like Mrs. Robinson, but he can certainly make hearts skip a beat.

4. Ryan Phillippe

Introducing Matthew Ryan Phillippe, a well-known singer from Delaware! He has achieved fame both nationally and internationally. Here are some facts about this talented artist:

Birth Name Matthew Ryan Phillippe
Date of Birth September 10, 1974
Place of Birth New Castle, Delaware, United States
Nationality American
Genres Pop, R&B, Soul

You’ll also be amazed to learn that Ryan Phillippe started out as an actor. Before becoming a full-time singer, he gained recognition in film and television projects.

Ryan Phillippe’s story is certainly inspiring. He never gave up on his dreams despite facing many obstacles. With a combination of talent and perseverance, he has made it as a successful singer from Delaware.

Today, Ryan continues to wow audiences with his charismatic performances and soulful voice. He is a source of motivation for budding singers everywhere, showing that dreams really can become reality!

5. Uncle Kracker

Uncle Kracker – hailing from Delaware – is a renowned singer with a unique style and soulful voice. Let’s take a look at him!

Name: Uncle Kracker

Birthplace: Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States

Main Genre: Pop rock, country rock

Notable Songs: “Follow Me,” “Drift Away,” “Smile”

Career Highlights: Collaborated with Kid Rock, achieved multiple Top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Uncle Kracker is well-known for his captivating stage presence and ability to connect with the audience. His music touches people of all ages and keeps receiving critical acclaim.

Pro Tip: To experience Uncle Kracker’s brilliance, don’t miss out on one of his live performances. He’s sure to electrify you!

6. Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan, a singing star from Delaware, has made a tremendous impact in the music industry. Her soulful singing and heartfelt lyrics have earned her recognition for her passionate performances and her ability to evoke emotion.

Here’s an overview of Jazmine’s accomplishments:

Album Year
Fearless 2008
Love Me Back 2010
Reality Show 2015

Jazmine has also been showered with awards for her work. She has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and has won awards such as the BET Centric Award for Best Independent R&B/Soul Performance.

Jazmine’s style is unique and stands out from other singers. Her silky voice and raw, honest lyrics create an entrancing experience for listeners. Her music conveys deep emotions, making it relatable to people from all walks of life.

If you haven’t heard Jazmine Sullivan’s music yet, then you’re missing out on something extraordinary. Her talent and artistry have enchanted audiences worldwide and she keeps creating music that speaks to people on a deep level. Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of Jazmine Sullivan – give her music a listen today!

7. Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway, an iconic artist from Delaware, enthralled audiences with his incomparable style and alluring performances. Let’s take a peek into the mesmerizing life and career of this celebrated singer:

Born December 25, 1907
Birthplace Rochester, New York
Nickname “Hi-De-Ho Man”
Genre Jazz, Swing, Big Band

Although Calloway’s music and performances spoke for themselves, there are some hidden details that further his mysteriousness. For instance, he popularized the “scat singing” technique. This comprises of utilizing nonsensical syllables and sounds to improvise songs. This creative method of vocalizing became one of his most identifiable traits and affected countless artists in the jazz and swing genres.

As an African-American artist in the early to mid-20th century, Calloway faced numerous obstacles due to racial segregation. Despite this, he triumphed and broke barriers. He achieved this by joining forces with white musicians, and performing in popular venues across the country. His success not only cleared a path for future black artists, but also helped to mend racial divides through music.

It is worth noting that Cab Calloway’s impact stretched beyond his music. He was also a talented actor who featured in several films and Broadway shows. One of his noteworthy roles was portraying Sportin’ Life in George Gershwin’s opera “Porgy and Bess”.

8. Teri Polo

Teri Polo, the eighth famed vocalist from Delaware, has enthralled audiences with her amazing singing talent. She has a vast vocal range and brings an exclusive energy to her shows.

Name Age Genre
Teri Polo 51 Pop/Rock

Not only is Teri known for her awesome singing, but she’s also renowned for her acting. She’s featured in many films and TV shows, exhibiting her skill on both the big and small screens.

To further boost her singing career, Teri could team up with other famous artists in the industry. This would not just let her reach a broader audience, but also give her a chance to collaborate creatively and grow.

Another suggestion for Teri would be to check out various genres of music. This would enable her to show her versatility as an artist and bring in fans from a range of musical backgrounds. Trying out new styles can also help refresh and widen her artistic horizons.

Move over, Philly cheesesteak! Delaware is now dishing out some scrumptious soulful sounds from Walter Williams and The O’Jays.

9. Walter Williams (The O’Jays)

Walter Williams, a member of the esteemed band The O’Jays, is from Delaware. Let’s look into some interesting facts about this talented singer.

Name Band Genre
Walter Williams The O’Jays R&B/Soul

In addition to being a part of The O’Jays, Walter Williams is renowned for his remarkable vocals and dynamic stage presence. He has contributed to the R&B/Soul genre with his soulful voice and enthralling performances.

To really appreciate Walter Williams’ talent, one must experience the enchantment he creates on stage. His robust vocals combined with his magnetic persona leave the audience mesmerized every time.

If you’re an aspiring singer or performer, here are some tips you can take from Walter Williams’ success:

  1. Embrace your unique voice: Walter Williams has created a place for himself in the music industry by embracing his distinct vocal style. Similarly, upcoming singers must focus on growing their own unique sound rather than copying others.
  2. Connect with your audience: One of the reasons why Walter Williams is beloved by millions is his ability to bond with his audience emotionally. Aspiring performers must attempt to form a genuine connection with their listeners through their music.

By following these tips, upcoming artists can gain from Walter Williams’ journey and develop their own path to glory in the music industry. Remember, it’s not only about talent, but also about being genuine and connecting with people on a deeper level.

It appears even Delaware has its share of singers, like the surprisingly harmonious Andrew Dice Clay.

10. Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay is a renowned singer from Delaware who has made his mark in the music industry. He’s known for his captivating performances and unique style. Let’s dive deeper into his life!

Name: Andrew Dice Clay

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Date of Birth: September 29, 1957

Main Genre: Rock and roll, heavy metal, hard rock

Andrew Dice Clay has had a long career of amazing shows and his risqué humor is famous. His music combines rock and roll, heavy metal, and hard rock. If you haven’t heard it, now is your chance! Let his powerful vocals and lyrics mesmerize you. Don’t miss the chance to witness an icon in action!

Listen to Andrew Dice Clay’s music and discover the depths of his talent. His melodies will transport you to an emotional and exciting world. Don’t be afraid to miss out on this extraordinary musical journey!

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