10 Best Rush Songs of All Time

Rush, the iconic Canadian progressive rock band, has left an indelible mark on the music world with their unparalleled virtuosity and innovative soundscapes. Throughout their illustrious career spanning over four decades, Rush has delivered a treasure trove of musical gems that have captivated the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. In this article, we embark on a journey through the annals of rock history to celebrate the “Top 10 Best Rush Songs of All Time.”

From the thunderous drumming of Neil Peart to the mesmerizing bass lines of Geddy Lee and the intricate guitar work of Alex Lifeson, Rush’s music is a testament to their unparalleled musicianship. Their lyrics, often infused with profound philosophical and science fiction themes, have resonated with listeners on a deeply intellectual level. Each song is a sonic voyage, blending elements of progressive rock, hard rock, and even elements of new wave and synth, showcasing Rush’s constant evolution and willingness to push musical boundaries.

As we delve into this list of the “Top 10 Best Rush Songs of All Time,” we will revisit timeless classics, explore hidden gems, and dissect the lyrical and instrumental brilliance that has made Rush an enduring force in the world of music. Join us on this musical odyssey as we pay tribute to the genius of Rush and their extraordinary contribution to the realm of rock and roll.

1. Subdivisions

Rush’s “Subdivisions” is a gem! This song shows off the band’s musical and lyrical talent, making it a must-have for any Rush fan.

Let’s check out its key elements:

Song Album Year
Subdivisions Signals 1982

Released in 1982, “Subdivisions” speaks to the struggle to be an individual in a conformist world. Geddy Lee’s vocals, Neil Peart’s drumming, and Alex Lifeson’s guitar are all combined into an amazing anthem.

Plus, pay attention to the synths! They add depth to the song.

Lastly, Rush performs “New World Man” – they’re still the rock legends we love!

2. New World Man

New World Man is a classic Rush song that has enthralled fans with its unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Here are five points that make it so special:

  1. Catchy Rhythm: Geddy Lee’s bass line and Neil Peart’s drums create an infectious rhythm that grabs your attention.
  2. Thoughtful Lyrics: It discusses the themes of conformity and individuality, prompting listeners to ponder their place in the world.
  3. Memorable Hooks: Alex Lifeson’s guitar work adds texture and depth, creating hooks you won’t forget.
  4. Expressive Vocals: Geddy Lee’s emotive singing conveys the powerful message of the song.
  5. Timeless Appeal: Released in 1982, it still resonates with audiences today.

Moreover, the track features intricate instrumental sections that prove Rush’s musical prowess. Also, they took risks while writing it, resulting in a captivating song that is loved worldwide.

3. Working Man

Working Man – an iconic song by Rush. Showcasing the band’s energy and talent, it is a fan favorite. Let’s explore this classic track!

Here are the details:

Album Fly by Night
Release Date February 15, 1975
Length 7:10
Main Instruments Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

The song has a toe-tapping rhythm, memorable lyrics, and a powerful guitar solo by Alex Lifeson. It speaks to the struggles of working-class individuals.

At a concert in Cleveland, Rush played Working Man and the crowd went wild. Fans and band united through music.

Working Man embodies Rush’s skill to combine intricate music with real themes. Its timelessness shows its lasting impact on rock music. Fly by Night brings light in dark times.

4. Fly by Night

Let’s explore the amazing Rush song “Fly by Night!” It captivates listeners with its dynamic energy and brilliant musicianship. It has an iconic Rush sound that fans love – Neil Peart’s powerful drumming steals the show, Geddy Lee’s bass lines add depth and groove, catchy guitar riffs and a memorable chorus create an instant connection with the audience. Plus, the introspective lyrics resonate deeply, breathing life into themes of change and growth.

To fully appreciate the greatness of this track, pay close attention to Neil Peart’s drum fills and intricate patterns. With its infectious melodies, immaculate instrumentation, and thought-provoking lyrics, “Fly by Night” exemplifies everything that makes Rush legendary. It remains cherished around the world for its timeless appeal and enduring impact. If YYZ doesn’t make you air-drum like a maniac in public, you’re listening to Rush wrong!

5. YYZ

YYZ is an iconic Rush song that will slay every time you listen. It was released in 1981 and featured on their album “Moving Pictures.” The title comes from Toronto Pearson International Airport’s code, the band’s hometown. Let’s explore key aspects of this remarkable composition.’

Instrumentation: Geddy Lee’s intricate bass lines, Neil Peart’s impeccable drumming, and Alex Lifeson’s brilliant guitar work. Together, they create an impressive synergy.

Time Signature: 10/8 time signature creates a complex pattern.

Musical Structure: Flowing between distinct sections. Showcasing different instruments and solos.

Iconic Opening: Morse code “Y,” “Y,” “Z” starts the song. This intro is connected to Rush’s musical legacy.

Experience YYZ. Amazing instrumentation, complicated time signatures, and unforgettable melodies. Prepare to be amazed by this timeless gem!’

6. Tom Sawyer


Tom Sawyer is a Rush song that stands out, enthralling listeners with its entrancing instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics. Let’s delve into its greatness and unique characteristics.

Analyzing Tom Sawyer, we can use a table format to present details without distracting. The table shows the elements that make this song remarkable.

Song Album Release Date
Tom Sawyer Moving Pictures February 28, 1981

“Tom Sawyer” offers more than great music and lyrics. It has an energetic vibe that brings each note to life, embodying Rush’s signature sound.

Pro Tip: When listening, focus on Neil Peart’s drumming. Notice his intricate rhythms and perfect technique, which make Tom Sawyer a legendary track in Rush’s collection.

Jump into the ‘Limelight’ and feel Rush’s musical genius that outshines Geddy Lee’s glasses.

7. Limelight

Rush’s iconic track, “Limelight“, shines like a true gem amongst their greatest hits. Spellbinding melodies and thought-provoking lyrics captivate listeners. Let’s explore its brilliance.

Released in 1980, the song is part of their Permanent Waves album. It is Progressive Rock with a length of 4:20.

Rush’s artistic expression is evident in “Limelight“. Intricate instrumentation, haunting vocals, and poetic lyrics convey themes of fame, self-reflection, and public scrutiny. The song invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection.

Their ability to blend profound concepts and captivating melodies is showcased in this masterpiece. This is a hallmark of Rush’s extraordinary compositions.

It is no wonder “Limelight” was ranked as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time” (source: Rolling Stone). Freewill: The challenge is resisting the urge to air guitar along to this song!

8. Freewill

“Freewill,” eighth on the list, shows off Rush’s talent. It ponders the concept of free will. Here’s a table summarizing it:

  Album Year Released
Freewill Permanent Waves 1980

Guitar solos and drumming patterns add to its distinct sound. An interesting fact: Rush had to do better than their last album, “Hemispheres,” for their seventh studio record, “Permanent Waves.” With “Freewill,” they nailed it, becoming progressive rock innovators.

9. The Spirit of Radio

The Spirit of Radio, ranked 9th among the best Rush songs of all time, captivates listeners. Here’s why this timeless classic leaves a lasting impression:

  • Enchanting Melodies: Rush craft mesmerizing melodies that linger in fans’ minds.
  • Innovative Instrumentation: Intricate guitar solos, masterful drumming, Geddy Lee’s bass lines.
  • Thought-Provoking Lyrics: Neil Peart’s introspective lyrics explore media’s influence on society.
  • Radio Relevance: A rebellious anthem for music lovers, advocating artistic freedom.

It blends rock elements with reggae & funk, transcending traditional categorizations. Record labels initially resisted releasing it as a single, yet Rush insisted. It became one of their most beloved tracks, highlighting their artistic vision & cementing its legacy.

10. Closer to the Heart

Ever since the first note was played, Closer to the Heart has been a classic Rush song. Its melodic structure and thoughtful lyrics give it timeless appeal. Let’s take a closer look at some amazing details of the song!

Length: 2 minutes 53 seconds

Album: A Farewell to Kings

Release Year: 1977

Songwriter: Geddy Lee

Genre: Progressive rock

The lyrics in Closer to the Heart are what make it so special. They explore themes like unity, compassion, and reflection. And the melodies transport listeners around the world.

Pro Tip: To appreciate Closer to the Heart to the fullest, read the lyrics and let the melodies take you away.

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